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Text production

Associate your business with world-class texts

Invest in well-written texts

Content is a broad concept that includes texts, images, and videos that are published on various platforms, such as websites and social media. It's about creating valuable content for your visitors, which should be relevant, entertaining, or educational. With content marketing, you can attract, motivate and create good relationships with your visitors. We help you produce engaging, SEO-friendly, and accurate texts, to give your visitors the best possible experience.

How we work with content marketing

Our projects begin by making a content audit. We map out your company's existing content and review how well adapted it is based on the goals you want to achieve. We look at what is missing, what is working, and what could be working even better by optimizing the content on your channels. 




Your content should represent you as a company and align with how you want to be perceived. It can be helpful to have several people responsible for producing content, but it can also lead to the content becoming incoherent. It is important that your visitors are met with the same language and tonality in order for your company to give a unified impression that matches your brand. Therefore, we help to develop clear guidelines and recommendations on how your brand can communicate in the best way. We also offer text and content production. The content is always SEO-friendly to ensure that it uses keywords that are relevant to your business. The keywords are then implemented in your texts to generate as many high-quality visitors as possible.

Planning, structuring, and producing content often requires both more time and knowledge than one might think. It can be difficult to know in what order things should be done and how to prioritize to achieve the desired result. When creating content, it is also important to keep in mind which channel it is going to be published on. We make sure to publish the right content on the right platform. We can also prioritize and plan your content creation - always with your business goals in mind. If instead, you want to learn how to do it yourself - we can support and educate you!


Whaaat? Can't believe what you are seeing? Rub your eyes as long as you want. We also have a module for presenting your device mockups. Position the image left or right.

We can help you with:

Content writing

 (e.g. for blogs and social media)

Proofreading and correction

 (social media, brand, content)

Creating great content 

For potential customers and business partners, their first impression of your business is often based on your communication. Therefore, it is important that your texts are comprehensive, accurate, and gives them a clear picture of the company. Sounds tricky? Let us help you! While you are great at what you do, we are great at creating content. We make sure that both your existing and new customers understand your message by simplifying and clarifying it. That applies to new and existing content. When working with already published texts, we can both go through them from a linguistic point of view, as well as do research to ensure that the information is accurate and up to date.

Edit to optimize content

Just because a text is produced, does not mean it is finished. Proofreading and editing texts require more work than one might think. It is not just about reviewing the grammar, it also includes making sure that the information is correct and that the texts are well adapted to the tonality of your business. You want customers to get a unified view of your organization, whether they are visiting your Facebook, website or are reading your tweets. This is where we come into the picture! We proofread, check the facts, and review your tonality. All in all, we do everything we can to give your customers and prospects the best possible experience.


Extend your reach with translation

By making content available in multiple languages, you can reach a wider audience. We cooperate with several partners, and can therefore offer translation into several European languages. We have experience of launching sites in countries such as Sweden, France, Germany, Britain, and Spain. We can therefore ensure that your company's texts are correct and maintain a high level, regardless of the language.




Analyze and optimize for best results

We are firm believers that analysis and follow-up are a must! By doing continuous analysis of what works, or does not, we can ensure that resources are put into the right places and that all efforts have a clear purpose. Based on this, we can make recommendations for your future work, to reach your stated goals. There is nothing worse than spending hundreds of hours on a blog that does not convert, but also nothing better than spending 30 minutes on small adjustments to ensure that it does. The more frequent follow-ups are made, the less time is required to achieve optimized results.



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