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Daniel Kassman

Senior Growth Lead

I have been doing e-commerce for the last fifteen years. I started in telecom and did it for quite a while. Among other things, I have worked at Telia, Halebop and Phonehouse. When Phonehouse merged with Elgiganten, I got to work as a digital commercial manager at Elkjøp's (Elgiganten) headquarters in Oslo, where I was tasked with starting their marketplace. I got to head the platform integration, and also work on the commercial strategy. Very rewarding when you get it right. You can call it a changeable job where I had to combine technology with sales and build the team. It was both educational and tiring, as I commuted from Stockholm. After a while, I was asked if I wanted to start working on the consulting side instead. Since then, I have stayed, and now I FINALLY work at Aimfor, in a role as Senior Growth Lead.

At Aimfor, I plan to use the experiences I have gathered around e-commerce and marketplace platforms to help our customers grow their businesses. I also hope to learn a lot of things. Aimfor deals with many things I haven't worked with for years, especially in performance marketing, so I'm looking forward to that.

So, what do I do in my spare time? Well, I have a house, a couple of kids, a lawn and a boat (no dog, though). I like the archipelago and live near water. I was born and raised in the city, but I love the archipelago and Baggensfjärden. That's where I want to be the most. So I live a reasonably standardized svenne life, but I enjoy it very much. I am happy.


Fun facts about me

  • I have a newfound interest in fermentation.
  • The last time I had a cold was back in 2002.
  • I am learning to knit. Well, I've been thinking about learning to knit.
  • Superpowers: I am excessively loyal to people, and cats, in my environment.