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Admin2019-12-02 11:551 min read

This Is Why You Should Have a Business Profile On Instagram and How to Create One

Why should one have a business profile?

With a business profile on Instagram, you can market your posts directly in the app, in a few simple steps. Besides that, you’ll get access to Instagram Insights, which is a statistics tool where you can find out more about your followers and how your content has performed. You can also see how individual stories and posts have performed and how people have interacted with them. The statistics you’ll get access to are: 

Under Activity, you’ll find important information about your profile and interactions such as profile visitors, website clicks and how many conversations your content has generated. Under “Explore”, you’ll see how many people have seen your content and where they’ve found it. 

Here, you’ll get access to statistics about your posts, stories and campaigns. For example, you can see how many people your post has reached, how many profile visitors it has generated and how people have found your profile. 

Under the audience section, you can find information about your followers and how your followers have increased/decreased per day and week. 

This is how you switch to a business profile

The first step is to create a business page on Facebook, in order to connect it to your Instagram account. To do that, you’ll need to: 

  1. Sign in to your account on Instagram
  2. Tap the three horizontal stripes up in the right corner. Thereafter tap → Settings → Account → Switch To Professional Account
  3. Choose “Business”
  4. Choose which business page on Facebook you want to connect to
  5. Tap Done


Important to include in your bio

The first thing your followers and profile visitors will notice when they visit your profile is your biography, or bio. Therefore, it’s important to have a short and summarized description of who you are, what you do and where you can be found. Some important points to include are:

  • Address 
  • Phone number 
  • Opening hours 
  • Link to your website 

Creating a business profile on Instagram is therefore a great idea if you want to get an overview of how your profile has performed, and how you can make it even better in the future.