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Paid Social

Paid advertising in social media

For any brand looking to increase visibility in social media, paid social is a great opportunity. We’re here to help you get the most out of it!

Some of our clients

How paid social can help you reach your goals

Paid social is simply paid advertising on social media platforms. By using tools such as Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, and LinkedIn Ads, we can set up campaigns that will help you reach the target group and goal of your choice. From a widespread branding campaign to niche product purchases – we do all of it.

The data collected from paid social is used to boost performance, as we constantly get a better understanding of your audience. Sometimes, the smallest tweaks make the biggest difference! With paid social, it’s easy to try new things and make data-driven decisions – and thereby achieve your goals faster.

– Drive conversions using social media
– Guarantee increased reach
– Create niche segments
– Collect and act on data
– Test new ideas easily
– Great complement to organic social media posts

What we offer

AdvertisingFrom strategy to setting up campaigns – we do it all.
CreativesAd copy and design for all channels and formats.
TrackingGet reliable insights, as we ensure your tracking is correct.
OptimizingReviews, action points and reporting – all to improve performance.

Channels we work with


We offer performance-based marketing at a fixed price. Contact us for a bigger budget and more advertising accounts.
20 000 SEK
For those who want to get started with paid advertising.
35 000 SEK
For those who want to work with several channels
4 stil or 1 animated
8 stil or 2 animated
2-4 optimizations per week
4-8 ptimizations per week
30 minute meeting
1 hour meeting
Start up fee
20 000 SEK
35 000 SEK

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