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Maintain your site with a web editor or webmaster.

Clarify responsibilities

A good site is user-friendly, with well-adapted and interesting content. Remember that the work on your site will never be finished. It requires you to continuously update and maintain it! It is often more time consuming to maintain the site than you might think. If you have no one who has stated responsibility for it, it often means that several people are responsible for the ongoing work on the site. It can be a good idea to help each other, but there is also a risk of things falling between the cracks because the division of responsibilities is not stated clearly.

In addition, it is common for smaller companies that the person or persons responsible for the site do not have the right knowledge or experience, which means that the editorial work is often both difficult and time-consuming. It can also be expensive to hire a person who has knowledge in areas such as HTML / CSS, UX design, and WordPress. But if you do not need it as a full-time service it can be a good idea to outsource it. Instead, let us help you.


Whaaat? Can't believe what you are seeing? Rub your eyes as long as you want. We also have a module for presenting your device mockups. Position the image left or right.

We can help you with


Maintain your site.

Updates Update your content.
Content creation Create content.
Publications Site and publishing responsibility.
Tech Ongoing technical maintenance.
SEO SEO-optimize your site.

Ongoing maintenance

We have both experience and knowledge in maintaining sites and also creating relevant content (link content marketing). In addition to being responsible for your site's ongoing technical maintenance, we also ensure that your visitors are met with relevant, well-produced content. By doing a keyword analysis (link) we can see what needs your visitors have and, based on that, we can customize your site in the best possible way.

 It can be anything from new landing pages, we overlook your headings or alter the structure of your site. We simply ensure that your site has the best possible conditions to meet the needs of your visitors. Believe us when we say that people judge the book by it's cover! So, let us help ensure that your website represents your business in the right way.


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