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Let us be your in-house team

Do you want to increase sales from digital channels, improve customer interactions, and streamline your internal processes, or do you need help with a branding project? Let Aimfor be your extended marketing department.

Why work with us?

Our customers usually describe us as an extension of their marketing department. And that is exactly how we want to work: close, long-term and with a focus on driving growth. With Aimfor, you get more than an agency – you get a long-term growth partner.

The right competence at the right time

Sometimes you have all the time in the world and hiring feels like an expensive story, other times you have such a high workload that you are not sure which skills you should prioritize. With Aimfor, you can always make sure to time the production peaks!

Boost your marketing department

Letting a pair of outside eyes look at your organization can do wonders if you're stuck, or simply need some new ideas. With our combined experience from over a hundred customers, we ensure that you are always at the forefront.

Don't settle for one role – hire them all

Wouldn't it be great if the next person you hired was a design genius, knew their way around writing, had experience as a CMO and on top of that had an analytical mindset? With Aimfor, you get an entire marketing team for the price of one employee.

Your digital growth journey starts here



Aimfor complements our internal team perfectly. Some parts, such as the paid advertising and the implementation of tracking, they take care of for us. Above all, they collaborate closely with our own resources to analyze and challenge us to become even sharper. For example, through training, analyzes and feedback, or helping us to do audits and the right priorities.

Malin West, Chefsakademin
Malin WestHead of marketing, Chefsakademin

We have worked closely with Aimfor, who help us with everything related to marketing. As a relatively small company (so far!), we are grateful that they can do everything in digital marketing and thankful for their creativity and proactivity

Sofia Mehrotra, Mehrotra
Sofia MehrotraFounder, Mehrotra

At JJL Group we run, among other things, 6 O'Leary's restaurants and Aimfor helps us on an exciting journey in digitizing and streamlining our sales processes, connecting our various business-, marketing- and crm-systems and sending relevant traffic to our sites. They are broad in their knowledge and driven in helping us get through the changes we want!

Pauline Wallander, Marknadschef, JJL Group
Pauline WallanderMarketing Manager, JJL Group

Since we started collaborating with Aimfor, our social media has flourished. Both visually and when it comes to results. They know how to create engaging content.

Jonathan Israelsson, Delikatesskungen
Jonathan IsraelssonCEO, Delikatesskungen

Aimfor helps us, among other things, with A/B tests and has helped us redesign our product page leading to a considerable uplift in our KPIs. Since we started working together, they have helped us increase our conversion rate. They are a very good strategic partner to bounce ideas off, and are also loads of fun to hang out with!

Rob Helyar, Bemz
Rob HelyarE-Commerce Manager, Bemz

We have used Aimfor both when we've had positions that need to be filled, and when we need to make audits and be challenged. They have all the skills you need in a marketing team. Currently we collaborate on both performance marketing and content creation.

Lotta Laurin, MyNewdesk
Lotta LaurinCMO, MyNewsdesk

Experts and specialists gathered to form your dream team.

We help people grow, in every sense. As individuals, in their career and in life. Companies are built by people, so if we can help people grow, we build the companies. This applies to employees, customers, and us.

With us, you’ll never feel alone in your role.

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You want to reach your audience cost-effectively and measurably, but you are not sure how to do it in the best way. That's why we exist! We help you with everything related to digital marketing, whether it is basic or more advanced. Some thoughts from our blog.