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Requirements | Develop your existing site

We help you set requirements and develop a new site, or develop your existing site.

Improve or renew

A good site is user-friendly and well-adapted with interesting content. It will also never be complete since it requires constant updates and maintenance. Whether you need to develop a brand new site and therefore want help setting requirements, or if you need help updating and maintaining your existing site, we’re happy to help!

We are aware that you know your business best and therefore know best how your site should be designed. Whether you are building a brand new site or updating an existing one, it is important that you can explain your needs so the website can be favorable to your business. A good way to clarify the wishes and needs of your site is by creating a requirements specification. The developer assumes the requirements specification when creating the site and therefore your needs have to be articulated in an explicit manner.


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We will help you with


User friendly (UX).

Optimizations Optimized and adapted for your company.
Updates Updated with relevant content.
New site & content Develop a new website and create content.
Requirements Develop requirements and strategies.
Project management Lead the conversion of the website.

Setting requirements

When creating your requirements specification it is important that you know what your needs are and also know how the site should be designed to meet the needs of your visitors. It can often be useful to categorize your preferences based on, for example, ”musts”, “wants” and “maybes”, so the developer knows how to prioritize.

We know that it is often favorable to bounce your site ideas with someone before sending them to the developer, to make sure that everything is included. We have experience in setting requirements and can therefore ensure that your requirements give your site the best possible conditions to fulfill your needs.


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