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Inbound Marketing

Help your customers solve their problem with inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing

What is inbound marketing? It is a marketing strategy designed to help you attract, engage, and delight customers using your digital channels. The purpose is to attract customers according to their needs and conditions.

Inbound marketing consists of three parts: 1.) attracting, 2.) engaging, and 3.) delighting. In practice, this is how the different parts work:

1.) To attract customers to your website, you need to offer them something of value, such as downloadable material, e-books, or some other kind of content. The purpose should always be to solve their problems.

2.) The next step is to engage the customers, or prospects, that you have attracted. This step may seem difficult to some; how do you make the person go from prospect to customer? The secret lies in convincing the person that your products or service can help them solve their problems.

3.) Once a person becomes a customer, that person should be maintained by continuing to offer valuable content. Why? The purpose of your business should be to solve your customers' problems, and this continues even after their first, or their tenth purchase. As the saying goes; it is easier and cheaper to keep an existing customer, than to attract a new one.


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We can help you with

Lead scoring
Lead nurturing
Create personas
Email marketing

Lead scoring

Measure your customers’ interest in your business using lead scoring. The main idea is that different actions have different values for your business since they show different degrees of interest from the customers.

If a visitor chooses to fill out a form to be contacted by you, it shows a greater interest in your business than if the visitor only chooses to subscribe to your newsletter. Both, however, are an indication of interest in your business.

Lead scoring is simply a scoring system where you can follow up your leads based on their actions and where they are in their customer journey. We help you develop a lead scoring system that is tailored to your customers and their needs.

Lead nurturing

The basis of lead nurturing is to utilize leads, and to do so you have to be aware of their needs. A great way to get to know your leads is by consistently offering them to download information that they consider to be useful and valuable.

By getting them to download different types of content you can ask new questions each time, which gives you additional information. From the information, you can then identify which “persona” they belong to.


Personas are semi-fictional characters that represent your company's desired customer groups. The customer groups can, for example, be marketing managers or communicators, which are categorized into different personas. Once you know which persona your lead belongs to, you can customize your communication based on it, and provide the lead with more and relevant content.


Vi hjälper dig att optimera din räckvidd i dina kanaler.


Vi hjälper dig att synas bättre i sökresultaten.


Vi hjälper dig att skapa videokampanjer via Youtube Ads.


Vi skräddarsyr din marknadsföring mot din målgrupp.


Vi hjälper dig att annonsera mot personer som visat intresse för dina produkter och tjänster.


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