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programmatic advertising

Let algorithms optimize your campaigns with programmatic advertising

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Programmatic marketing can be defined as automated buying and selling of digital advertising. The process is streamlined using bid algorithms to buy, place and optimize the ads in real-time. Each advertising platform has a machine-learned algorithm that constantly analyzes the campaign so that optimizations can be identified and executed. Programmatic advertising is, therefore, an effective way for your company to save both time and money since you do not have to negotiate and preset prices.

Therefore, with the help of programmatic advertising, you have the opportunity to purchase display and video advertising against a specific target audience. The recommendation is to choose a message that is tailored to the target group's demographics or interests.

By reaching your desired target group at the right time in their buyer's journey, you can customize the communication according to their needs. This means that your advertising budget is used to the best advantage since you only buy advertising against those who actually are interested in your product.

Programmatic advertising is an ongoing auction between buyers and publishers. As a buyer, you use a so-called Demand-Side-Platform (DSP), where you clarify which people you want to reach on what platform, how often you want to reach them, and what you are willing to pay for it. A DSP is connected to a Supply-Side-Platform (SSP) where advertisers sell their advertising spaces to those who match the requirements of the buyer.


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We will help you with:


Buy display and video advertising

Reach your desired target group

Reach your desired target audience at the right time in their buying journey

Customized communication

Customize the communication based on the target group

custom bidding algorithms Create custom bidding algorithms generated from your KPIs
Analysis Measure where your campaign delivers the best results and adjust as needed

How we work with programmatic advertising

Programmatic display and video advertising is an effective way for you to reach your target groups in different parts of the buyer journey. We work with custom bidding algorithms developed from your KPI:s, such as the reach of the ads and the number of conversions on your site. It is important that you have the right knowledge and that you know what you do when you use programmatic advertising, otherwise you risk spending both time and money on advertising that does not generate results. We have the knowledge, let us help you out.

In order for your company to get the most out of your efforts, we make sure to continuously evaluate and actively work on making adjustments to optimize the results. We are able to measure in real-time where your campaign delivers the best results and can quickly adjust if necessary. We always strive for cost-effective programmatic advertising, which is optimized throughout the campaign period. We help you create ads in the right format and customize communication for each ad purchase. Automated marketing is a great tool, but we also know that it takes both human commitment and the right knowledge to achieve the desired result. Let us help you.


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