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Emil Björnius

Senior Content Marketing Manager
I never really decided what I wanted to be when I grew up, which is why my background and my experiences at first glance can feel a bit diverse. I have worked with sales and business development for over ten years, worked with PR at a record label, worked as a strategist, copywriter and project manager. I have a bachelor in economics but have also studied at Berghs School of Communication. You can therefore, without exaggerating, call me a generalist. I know a little about a lot, almost everything I would like to say and I really do love the combination of working in the midland of business and the creative. Makes sense?

As a person, I am creative and energetic. I also think that kindness is one of the world's most underestimated qualities, therefore it feels extra good to work at Naes & Friends where everyone is really incredible, both kind and very competent. Here I work as a senior content marketing manager, which means that I write copy, articles, content for the web, scripts and everything in between. Here I can contribute with my experience in PR and sales and business development.

In my free time I like to exercise, read books, binge watch TV series and movies. Since I became 30+, I have also started trying to learn to live more in the present, which sometimes goes very well but usually so and so. I love eating food and discovering new cool restaurants.

Fun facts about me

  • I'm writing a novel. Currently, I have written down approximately 11,000 words, which means that I have a looong way to go.
  • I have a dream that someday I will become a perfumer. I absolutely love scents.
  • All my favorite cities start with B. Berlin, Buenos Aires, Bangkok and Borås. No, Borås was actually a joke.
  • Superpower: I am enthusiastic and good at getting people excited by my ideas.
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