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This Is Why Your Business Should Use Pinterest
Sofia Enström2021-12-02 14:192 min read

This Is Why Your Business Should Use Pinterest

What is Pinterest and how is it used?

Pinterest is a platform where users can find inspiration for most lifestyle-related things, like food, interior design, and fashion. You can find almost anything you’re looking for! As a user, you have your own Pinterest feed, which reflects what you have previously shown interest in – just like most other platforms. This is where you may start to think to yourself: “do I really have the strength to tackle yet another platform?”. We promise you do!

Why? Because what distinguishes Pinterest from other social media is that it is primarily used as a search engine. The user searches for the word or phrase that they are interested in and can then choose to save, or pin as it is also called, the content to various boards. The boards can be used to structure inspiration, by dividing them into different categories.

How does Pinterest differ from other platforms?

As mentioned, Pinterest is used to actively look for inspiration. The word active is key here! Pinterest can thus be compared to a search engine, such as Google. Because Pinterest users often know what they are looking for, it gives your business the opportunity to reach people who are actually interested in your products or services. Therefore, make sure to use tags and well-selected keywords for your posts, so that more people can discover them, become interested, and as a result, want to visit your site.

Something that also distinguishes Pinterest from other social media platforms is that the lifespan of a post, also called a pin, is significantly longer and can be visible in a user's feed for months. Pinterest's algorithms focus on keeping the content relevant to the keywords rather than being ranked based on how new the post is. This means that if you make sure to implement tags and relevant keywords initially, your posts will have a longer lifespan.

How to use Pinterest as a business

By creating a business account on Pinterest, your company can access valuable statistics on how you can best optimize your profile and your content. Here's how:

  1. Create an account. Either you create a brand new one or you convert a private account into a business account.
  2. Make sure your content is relevant and creates value. Use keywords to optimize your content and add descriptions that include relevant keywords to increase the reach.
  3. Measure and analyze your results using Pinterest Analytics. By doing so you can find out how you can improve your posts to reach more people and generate new visitors to your site.

Good luck!

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