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Sofia Enström2022-01-04 14:28< 1 min read

How to Assign a Financial Role To Facebook Business Manager

As stated, you do not automatically have a Financial role even though you are Admin. Here's how to fix it:

1. Go to Business Manager and choose your Business Account.

Image 1 - Finance Editor on Facebook

2. Click “People” on the left, and click on the person whose financial role you want to update.

Image 2 - Finance Editor on Facebook

3. Press the three dots in the right corner, and press "Edit role".

Image 3 - Finance Editor on Facebook

It probably looks like this for you – you are admin but do not have a Financial role. 

Image 4 - Finance Editor on Facebook

4. Update your role to Finance editor (or Finance analyst) and press "Save".

Image 5 - Finance Editor on Facebook

Good job! Now you're a Finance editor!

Image 6 - Finance Editor on Facebook.jpg


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