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The world as we know it will change

Make sure you are ready for GA4

Universal analytics is closing in


This will happen on July 1, 2023

  • Universal Analytics (Google Analytics) will stop collecting data
  • All your reports and historical data will disappear 6 months later
  • Measurement in GA4 will not necessarily correspond to previous data
  • You will have access to significantly fewer standard reports

This will significantly impact websites worldwide, and if you haven't thought about what this means to you – keep reading!

What you need to do

You can of course solve this yourself, if so, just follow the steps below: 

01 Create a GA4 property and configure it
01Create a GA4 property and configure it
02 Set up your tagging server and start collecting data
02Set up your tagging server and start collecting data
03 Set up your own reports
03Set up your own reports


Or, you can let us help you. Don't worry; we got your back.  

Our experts will hold your hand along the journey: 

  • We make sure to implement GA4 for you
  • Server-side tracking will be a necessity – and we are experts
  • We will help you future-proof your data collection
  • We will make sure your actionable data is still available
  • We will onboard, educate and train you


See if your website is GA4 ready with our tool, and make sure you have everything in place:  

GA4 implementation
– Server2Server implementation
– Cookie compliance
– 1st Party Cookies
– 3rd Party Cookies
– GA4 Readiness Score

Ga4_Startpage _ Desktop_cropped


No matter where you are on your GA4 journey, we have a plan for you: 



Summary of analytical tools implemented on your website.

GA4 Implementation Health Check
Suggested GA4 fixes and improvements


20 000 SEK
Setup of Server-2-Server tracking for GA4 to improve website performance and future proof against a cookieless future.
Correct technical implementation of GA4, including compliance with cookie acceptance policies.
Ensure the same events and data collected by your Universal Analytics are also collected by GA4.


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We can also help you set up Enhanced E-commerce.

The data needs of your website can be unique depending on your business and goals.  If you have a solution in mind or would like to discuss opportunities to use data more intelligently, Aimfor can help. 

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