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Emil Björnius2023-12-18 11:253 min read

It takes both persistence and courage to invest in activities throughout the full funnel

Rebecca Crusoe, CMO at FirstVet, talks about pets and how they have become even more ...
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Emil Björnius2023-12-11 13:445 min read

You should always beware of overly confident CMOs

Raised in a "hardcore sales culture", Petra Blixt currently leads the marketing ...
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Emil Björnius2023-11-27 10:496 min read

The time when you could save the year with a campaign feels a bit dated

With a background from the agency world, Tomas Bäcklund has been leading Elite Hotels of ...
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Emil Björnius2023-11-13 10:494 min read

The best lessons are found in the biggest mistakes

Kaveh Sabeghi is a shining example of how you can go far without studying further after ...
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Emil Björnius2023-11-02 14:552 min read

Meta introduces a paid version – what are the implications for advertisers?

Meta offers ad-free subscriptions – how does it affect you as an advertiser? Last week, ...
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Emil Björnius2023-10-26 15:275 min read

The CMO who claims to have all the answers is lying

As more and more sophisticated technology takes place in marketing, future CMOs need to ...
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Emil Björnius2023-10-16 07:383 min read

Think that every interaction with the company should be an experience in itself

In this week's CMO Insights, we talk to Kristoffer Paldeak, CMO at the proptech company ...
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Emil Björnius2023-06-30 15:574 min read

The only way to navigate the complex CMO role is to develop your leadership and build strong teams with trust

Aimfor interviews Sofia Brandberg, CMO at Casall, about the importance of learning to ...
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Emil Björnius2023-06-22 08:154 min read

Too often, organizations focus on the change itself, rather than creating value

Aimfor interviews Nils Persson, CMO at Visit Sweden. Among other things, Nils shares what ...
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Emil Björnius2023-06-16 09:357 min read

The demands on creativity have been raised because there is a stress around the fact that as a brand you have to provide stimuli in an uninterrupted sequence

Aimfor interviews Jesper Albansson, CMO at Ocean Outdoor Nordics, about how innovation ...
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Emil Björnius2023-06-02 11:015 min read

The positive thing that came from the pandemic is that digitization of restaurateurs and restaurants took off differently

Jenny Westerberg has worked in the IT industry more or less her entire career - today, ...
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Emil Björnius2023-05-26 16:375 min read

I hope and believe that we will see less greenwashing and other hit-and-run missions and more real stuff

With over 25 years of experience in sales and marketing, 20 of which as a leader, ...
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Emil Björnius2023-05-19 13:205 min read

A good CMO is a great storyteller who helps to simplify and educate - and also cares about making it really nice

When he was young, he wanted to be a cartoonist – the fact is that there was nothing else ...
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Emil Björnius2023-05-12 21:265 min read

A visionary without an idea of implementation remains a dreamer

Rickard Svensson, CMO at Cool Company, about why PR and Word of Mouth should be owned ...
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Emil Björnius2023-05-05 10:316 min read

Therefore, social selling is extremely useful when running a startup

With a background as a journalist, Anna Åslund has taken the step from the newspaper ...
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Emil Björnius2023-04-28 14:584 min read

You can't go with the flow and plant seeds everywhere - but instead, nurture and care for fewer platforms and let them mature

Erica Wärme is CMO at the consultancy Sweden HR Group. As the only person in the ...
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Emil Björnius2023-04-24 10:534 min read

We need to share our knowledge, prove it and above all repeat

She has extensive experience in real estate, where she ended up by chance. In CMO ...
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Emil Björnius2023-04-17 10:034 min read

The reality in 2023 is that budgets are decreasing, Siri Belenki, CMO at Worldfavor

Siri Belenki, CMO at the sustainability platform Worldfavor, shares her best decision as ...
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Emil Björnius2023-03-15 17:095 min read

I do a better job as a CMO if I understand how a CRO and a CCO work

She has worked in SaaS and tech for ten years and is now at the third company in the same ...
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Emil Björnius2023-03-06 18:196 min read

Customers are impatient, and with everything being one click away, they have more power than ever

Johanne Øiestad had her goal set on becoming a lawyer in her home country Norway. After ...
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Emil Björnius2023-02-27 09:304 min read

You have to dare to hire people who are better than yourself

Cecilia Lyche is trained in the experience industry and has been CMO at ESS Group for ...
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Emil Björnius2023-02-20 11:435 min read

When will we see web pages that are automated?

Dennis Rydgren is CMO at Vinden, an intelligent digital storage solution with full ...
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Emil Björnius2023-02-13 14:256 min read

How employee influencers will shape 2023

After studying in the USA and spending a few years as a professional basketball player, ...
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Emil Björnius2023-02-06 09:002 min read

Why increasingly higher demands will be placed on the CMO of the future

Johan Gertell, CMO at Mathem, about the importance of the brand harmonizing with your ...
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Emil Björnius2023-01-31 15:097 min read

Why product marketing and the collaboration between sales and marketing is the key to the future

What is most important to think about when forming a marketing team? What goals will the ...
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