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Emil Björnius2023-04-24 10:534 min read

We need to share our knowledge, prove it and above all repeat

She has extensive experience in real estate, where she ended up by chance. In CMO ...
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Emil Björnius2023-04-17 10:034 min read

The reality in 2023 is that budgets are decreasing, Siri Belenki, CMO at Worldfavor

Siri Belenki, CMO at the sustainability platform Worldfavor, shares her best decision as ...
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Markus Labarca2023-04-14 12:283 min read

GA4 is coming – are you ready?

Google Analytics (GA) is a powerful tool that allows companies to track website traffic ...
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Emil Björnius2023-03-15 17:095 min read

I do a better job as a CMO if I understand how a CRO and a CCO work

She has worked in SaaS and tech for ten years and is now at the third company in the same ...
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Emil Björnius2023-03-06 18:196 min read

Customers are impatient, and with everything being one click away, they have more power than ever

Johanne Øiestad had her goal set on becoming a lawyer in her home country Norway. After ...
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Emil Björnius2023-02-27 09:304 min read

You have to dare to hire people who are better than yourself

Cecilia Lyche is trained in the experience industry and has been CMO at ESS Group for ...
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Emil Björnius2023-02-20 11:435 min read

When will we see web pages that are automated?

Dennis Rydgren is CMO at Vinden, an intelligent digital storage solution with full ...
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Emil Björnius2023-02-13 14:256 min read

How employee influencers will shape 2023

After studying in the USA and spending a few years as a professional basketball player, ...
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Emil Björnius2023-02-06 09:002 min read

Why increasingly higher demands will be placed on the CMO of the future

Johan Gertell, CMO at Mathem, about the importance of the brand harmonizing with your ...
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Emil Björnius2023-01-31 15:097 min read

Why product marketing and the collaboration between sales and marketing is the key to the future

What is most important to think about when forming a marketing team? What goals will the ...
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Emil Björnius2023-01-26 10:414 min read

Why 2023 is the year when we return to old school marketing

Why 2023 is the year when we return to old school marketing What is required of a ...
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Emil Björnius2023-01-16 14:545 min read

Why the role of the specialist in marketing teams has never been more important

Why the role of the specialist in marketing teams has never been more important What is ...
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Sofia Enström2022-01-04 14:28< 1 min read

How to Assign a Financial Role To Facebook Business Manager

As stated, you do not automatically have a Financial role even though you are Admin. ...
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Sofia Enström2021-12-02 14:192 min read

This Is Why Your Business Should Use Pinterest

What is Pinterest and how is it used? Pinterest is a platform where users can find ...
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Annelie Näs2021-08-19 12:143 min read

How to Generate More Business with Account-Based Marketing

Does your company have a few customers that generate the majority of your revenue? Do you ...
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Caroline Blomqvist2021-08-19 11:383 min read

A Guide To LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads

Want to generate qualified leads at scale? Then LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads might just be the ...
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Annelie Näs2021-05-09 13:292 min read

3 Steps Your Company Should Take Towards Digitalization

1. Include digital expertise in management and boards In the same way that a lawyer and ...
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Sitav Taha2020-05-06 15:252 min read

A Summary of HubSpot's Social Media Marketing Course

Create a social media strategy With an effective social media strategy, you have the ...
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Sofia Enström2020-03-06 14:534 min read

5 Takeaways From Writing Camp

1. Set aside time Practice makes perfect. It is so basic that it was perhaps the first ...
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Annelie Näs2020-03-05 09:266 min read

15 Tips From Johannes Hansen That Changed My Life

Image by YEoS!
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Sofia Enström2019-12-16 13:185 min read

How to Successfully Accomplish a Social Media Photo Shoot

1. Publishing It may seem odd that this is the first point, but let me explain why. ...
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Admin2019-12-02 11:551 min read

This Is Why You Should Have a Business Profile On Instagram and How to Create One

Why should one have a business profile? With a business profile on Instagram, you can ...
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Annelie Näs2019-10-27 14:063 min read

Do As Einstein – Schedule a Thinking Hour

It wasn’t until I read the book “Rest”, my mindset started to shift. I read about how ...
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Annelie Näs2019-10-22 13:322 min read

How to Use Bookmarks to Streamline Your Work

To make this as effective as possible, I use Chrome and Bookolio. If you use something ...
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Sitav Taha2019-10-19 11:402 min read

Why You Should Have a Complete Facebook Business Page and How You Do It

1. Create a name and write a description The first step is to decide on a name and to ...
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